Your work is impacting your food habits, here’s how!

How does your life look like today? Getting up early, making your way through the crazy traffic, Working for 9 hours and coming back late evening. In Spite of such a hectic schedule, more than half of the employees are gaining a tremendous amount of weight. This is due to stress, untimely meals, workplace celebrations, sedentary work life and most importantly unhealthy food habits.

One can not be fit and fine if he or she is consuming unhealthy meals regularly. A healthy diet is not just for you to look better or lose weight but it protects you from ageing and illness. People are more likely to consume unhealthy food when they are away from home, be it while hanging out with friends or working for 9 hours.

Here are a few reasons for you to eat unhealthy food at the workplace :

  • Not hungry due to pending work and stress hence skipping the meal and munching on junk.
  • Energy drinks and coffee to keep you going.
  • No time for preparing lunch hence eating out or ordering food at work.

You’ve always given these reasons to snack on unhealthy food, hence we’ve got a few ways that can help you to put an end to your unhealthy eating!

Eating Munchies:

Throw away the chips and junk food, instead munch on Nuts and fruits in between of your meals. Research suggests, people often lose track of their food consumption if they eat it in place of having their real meals. That means if you are habituated to having lunch at your desk, you’ll end up overeating your unhealthy snacks there.

Eating while you work:

When you are working and eating at the same time, you’ll end up consuming 20% to 60% more than you usually do. Hence it is good to have your meals off your desk or even you’re eating while working, make sure your portions are small.

Being unplanned:

While at work, you often lose track of the time and end up eating junk or nothing at all. Make sure if you’re not carrying your lunch, you at least think what you want to eat right in the morning. The best way you can plan your meals well in advance is with Garden Bar’s 20 days subscription. Subscribe for healthy salads once and you’ll receive your meals at the scheduled time at your doorstep. 

However, the convenience of food, long working hours and busy life has influenced our health and wellness. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as you think, it is quite easy if you plan it well in advance. Garden Bar is one such way to serve you healthy and nutritional meals timely at your doorstep. You can opt for 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 days subscription for healthy salads. No repetitive meals, You’ll receive different salads every day to satiate your taste buds! This is the easiest and most convenient way to consume healthy food at your workplace.

If you stay in Pune or Pimpri Chinchwad, do subscribe and get the bowls of healthy salad home delivered!


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