The perfect way to cook whole grains revealed!

Whole grains are a staple diet for most of us! It is low in calories, tasty and full of nutrients and health benefits. The best thing about grains is that you can combine it with anything you want and can make various recipes to make it tasty and healthy.

We have been cooking grains for quite some time now but are we cooking it the right way? Here’s the perfect way to cook the whole grains while maintaining its nutrients and health benefits.

  • Use a saucepan with a tight-fitting lid
  • Rinse the grains
  • Maintain the grains to water ratio mentioned below
  • Let the water boil first then add the grains to it and let it boil again
  • Reduce the heat, cover with the lid and let it simmer for the particular time
  • Once the grains are fluffy and has absorbed water, let it sit for 15 min
  • It is important to minimize the cooking time slightly while cooking grains for salads to maintain the chewy texture


Let the water boil then cover it with the lid. Lower the heat and cook pearl barley for 30-40 min. If you’re using Hulled barley make sure you cook for 90min.

Barley can be incorporated in salads with cucumber and onions and feta.


Add 1 cup of quinoa in 2 cups of water, do not forget to rinse it before cooking. Simmer it for 20min to get the fragrant tasty and perfectly cooked quinoa.

Did you know Quinoa is actually the fruit of a herb? This nutty and light and high in protein grain can be used as a stuffing for tomatoes, zucchini. Besides you can even try in fajitas and enchiladas.

White Rice

It is very important for white rice to cook according to the indicated water-rice ratio. If not, it loses the taste and texture. White rice can be paired up with veggies, cereals and much more to create lip-smacking healthy recipes!

Wild Rice

Once you have added 1 cup of wild rice to 4 cups of water, bring it to boil, cover with the lid and then simmer it for 45-60 min until the grain splits open.

Wild rice is a seed of aquatic grass which is high in Vitamin B. You can add it to the salad or simply serve it with apples and squash.


Cooking oats are the quickest of all but with the indicated proportion and cooking time you can preserve its nutrients and health benefits.


It is one of the mild and digestible grains. Millet is used as an alternative for wheat by most of the people.

You can serve sauteed veggies on it or sprinkle into the stews, soups and risotto.

Now that you know the perfect way to cook your grains we’ve got you a quick tip to preserve it as well! If you are not planning to eat the cooked grains all at once, spread them on a baking sheet and then refrigerate.

This will help the grains dry out and avoids getting mushy and gummy.

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