Soup & Salad a Match Made in Heaven

How Soup and Salad Fell in Love With You

Soups and salads are truly a match made in heaven but in reality, they are deeply in love with you. They want to take care of you, help you lose weight and keep you healthy. They care about you. Isn’t it amazing to think that foods might actually be so loving and caring?
They can be if you let them! The idea of eating raw vegetables might not sound as appealing as eating a chicken tikka masala. But what if it was raining heavily and the cold winds were rattling your windows. You have just come home from a long day of work, drenched in the storm and all you are craving is a delicious bowl of hot soup. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? But how will you fill your stomach with just a bowl of soup? What if you had some fresh
tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and carrots sprinkled with delicious salad dressing and maybe a little bit of tikka masala? Doesn’t that sound like a true match made in heaven? Soups and salads do not necessarily have to be a boring meal. You can tweak and perk it to your liking, thus enjoying the taste as well as the health benefits.

Some Lovely Benefits of Soups and Salads

Soups and salads play a major role in helping you manage your weight and your overall health. Made from all varieties of veggies and meats, the high water and fibre content in the soups and salads helps to control your cravings, thus keeping you full for a longer period of time. You include a variety of ingredients in your soups and salads such as different types of vegetables, leafy vegetables, meats, lentils and pulses etc. This will help your body gain the
required proteins, fibres, vitamins all the while maintaining a low-calorie intake. It will also help you to control your blood sugar levels and yet manage to provide you the required energy. The best way to enjoy a wholesome meal is to plan ahead. Track your calorie intake
through the week and dedicate at least one meal of the day (either breakfast or dinner preferably) to soups and salads. This will dramatically reduce your overall calorie intake and still leave you full of energy and satisfaction. Try to avoid depending on canned soups or frozen vegetables. Canned foods tend to contain preservatives which again contribute to a high-calorie intake. Fresh food is the best food.
Eating a first-course salad can reduce overall calorie intake at a meal by up to 12 percent. People who start their lunch with vegetable soup end up eating 20 percent less than those who skipped the soup. Try your best to avoid creamy, cheesy ingredients in your soup or salad and stick to the clear broth vegetable soup. Try your best to maintain a healthy, balanced diet by including proteins and good carbs in the other meals of your day. Try our worlds class soups and salads at

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