Meet the healthy seeds (tiny bombs) from your salad & overnight oat bowls

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“Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.”

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We hope you are doing very well on this fine day. Let’s discuss, today, the infinite benefits that tiny, beautiful seeds bestow on us. In our salads and overnight oat bowls, we use a few healthy seeds that have proven to enhance the taste as well as the nutritional value of your yummy food bowl. Let’s say hello to each of them:

Healthy Sunflower Seeds:

These seeds are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and essential oils. Most people consume them as healthy replacements of sugary snacks. We use them to make your salad bowl a super-duper salad bowl!

  1. They help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  2. They are powerful anti-oxidants because they contain selenium. This nutrient reduces swelling and redness in the body. It also helps maintain thyroid health.
  3. They help improve bone health.
  4. The magnesium in sunflower seeds relaxes nerves.
  5. You are going to love this benefit – they enhance mood! Sunflower seeds tryptophan and magnesium. These two together help reduce stress, tackle depression, and decrease the frequency of migraines!
  6. They prevent chest congestion.
  7. They prevent asthma, arthritis, and cataracts.

Healthy Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds have fiber, vitamin K, iron, zinc, copper, protein, manganese, magnesium, and so many other nutrients that they simply cannot be ignored.

  1. They reduce the risk of a few types of cancers.
  2. Also controls blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  3. They help regular sugar levels in the blood.
  4. Also, helps in maintaining bone health.
  5. They increase good cholesterol levels.
  6. Pumpkin seeds are highly recommended for women going through menopause.
  7. Their fiber content reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart problems.
  8. They may help you sleep better.

Healthy Flax Seeds:

These super seeds are loaded with quite a huge number of nutrients, mainly fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. These make them a must-have at homes and on your person as snacks.

  1. They improve good cholesterol levels.
  2. They are excellent for lowering blood pressure. Hypertension problems? Have flax seeds!
  3. They promote weight control because they are known to curb hunger efficiently.
  4. Also, helps to improve digestion and curb related problems.
  5. Flax seeds are superb for cardiovascular health.
  6. They help reduce hot flashes.
  7. The omega-3 fatty acids contribute to skin and hair health. Thus, if you have any skin related problems or would just like to maintain great skin health, flax seeds are a must!

Healthy Poppy Seeds:

Commonly known as khus-khus, poppy seeds have omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, and magnesium among other nutrients. Together, they help enhance our health significantly.

  1. They help us sleep better.
  2. They improve digestion.
  3. The boost energy and improve the health of our precious brain.
  4. They boost immunity.
  5. Also helps to regulate blood pressure and improve heart health.
  6. They are known to treat kidney stones.
  7. They are wonderful analgesics (painkillers).
  8. Poppy seeds moisturize skin and treat eczema.

Never underestimate the power of small things. They usually come packed with goodness and power, just like these wonderful health bombs that we regularly use in our salads & overnight oat bowls!

Grab them all!

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