How to Pick the Perfect Salad Dressing to Pair With Your Salad?

Almost every nutritionist recommends eating more salad, but did you know that what salad dressing you put on the salad is just as important as the ingredients in the salad itself?

Picking the perfect salad dressing to pair with a salad can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you’re just starting to eat healthy or if you’re planning to buy salad online for the first time.

Let’s take a look at some factors that you should consider to find the most delicious salad dressing, which also complements your salad perfectly.

What to consider while choosing a salad dressing?

Here are some things you should keep in mind while choosing your salad dressing online.


If you’re health-conscious and want to add salads to your diet for its health benefits, the type of salad dressing you use becomes very important.
The three main ingredients for a healthy salad dressing are oil, water, and vinegar. Additionally, even though there should not be too much fat in your dressing, a little fat is good as it allows your body to keep feeling full for a longer duration of time. Salad dressings add calories to a low-calorie meal, which is a good thing as long as it is added to the salad in a balanced manner.


There is a widespread misconception that healthy food cannot be tasty. In fact, there is a wide variety of flavors, and each salad dressing has its own distinctive flavor profile and taste.  You should definitely try out different salad dressings to find out which suits you the best. When it comes to buying salad dressing, there are a few online stores now where you can find a wide variety of dressings.


One of the many reasons why salad is considered to be a healthy dietary option is due to the abundance of vitamins found in them, which also nourishes and strengthens the body. Find the perfect salad dressing to complement your salad with the right amount of fat ( and ensure your body gets all the nourishment it should.


Any bottle of salad dressing – Italian, Caesar, French, or Russian – will contain some sugar. The amount might vary from brand to brand, so be sure to check the labels. ‘Olive oil and vinegar’ is the classic low-carb salad dressing; however, you can try options like Honey Mustard and Avocado Ranch as well.


Most bottled salad dressings contain canola or soybean oils, which are good “unsaturated” fats. But some dressings might contain full-fat cheese and other unhealthy trans fat, which is unacceptable in any amount. To be safe, check the bottle ingredients before using the dressing.

No preservatives

A lot of salad dressings that are sold in stores are usually packed with sketchy dyes and preservatives. It is better to stick to dressings which are made fresh, homemade style, and do not use any funky things to make it look better or last long.

Keep Ingredients Simple

Lastly, when it comes to salad dressing, India is still adapting and experimenting. A lot of people think a good salad is one that has exotic ingredients in it, but that’s a misconception. The best salads are made from the simplest ingredients, like the classic salad dressing made from Olive Oil, lemon, salt, and pepper still never disappoints.


We hope you find these tips interesting and useful. And next, you’re looking to find the perfect salad dressing to pair with your salad? Check out the range of healthy salad subscriptions from Garden Bar.

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