Healthy Salad: Sealing all the health in one bowl!

Healthy Salad

Hello! Today, we are discussing one of the most common and interesting meals – The healthy salad! These amalgamations of superfoods, fruits, seeds, and vegetables, are packed with so much nutrition that they make one of the healthiest food choices!

Are you looking to stay fit? Have salads. Do you want to lose weight? Have salads! Do you want to follow a good diet plan? Have salads! Salads seem to be the answer to everything good, and why not? They shower us with the most crucial thing in life – HEALTH!

Nutritionists and fitness experts always vouch for healthy salad and here’s exactly why:

  1. They are super satisfying and delicious: Why do we run away from diet plans and regimes? They are not satisfying enough and, of course, they are not delicious. We stuff them down forcibly and get super cranky because we haven’t eaten well. Salads won’t ever do this to you. Salads are satisfying and super-duper-fantastically delicious thanks to all the dressings and the herbs we add to them.
  2. They curb unhealthy hunger pangs: Hunger pangs are the worst! They make us eat anything we can grab and what we grab is usually unhealthy. Salads keep us full for quite a few hours, ensuring that we don’t reach out to candy or chips; or the phone to order those fries or burgers.
  3. A salad is a complete, balanced diet in itself: Salads consists of vegetables, fruits, herbs, superfoods, seeds, and healthy dressings. We all know that these cover all the important nutrients including protein, carbs, vitamins, and fibre. One thing though – A few dressings may pack more calories than recommended and we should be careful with the serving size.
  4. They are the easiest way to stay healthy: There’s no easier way to stay fit than to eat a bowl full of salad each day. So, basically, you are eating well and staying healthy. What else could you ask for? 🙂

Here’s how you can eat salads:

  1. As a starter: Simply start your meal every day with a salad of your choice, why don’t you? This will ensure that you don’t overeat.
  2. As a side-dish: Salads are an excellent side-dish with the main meal. How about a simple salad with your favourite dal-chawal (rice)?
  3. As a full meal: The perfect diet plan would be to replace your usual meal with a bowl of salad – a new kind each day! With this, you will have absolutely no chance of giving yourself unwanted calories!

The world of salads is delicious, diverse, and spectacularly healthy. Dive in, and it will become your lifestyle soon!

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