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The perfect way to cook whole grains revealed!

Whole grains are a staple diet for most of us! It is low in calories, tasty and full of nutrients and health benefits. The best thing about grains is that you can combine it with anything you want and can make various recipes to make Read More…

Will I get enough protein from a vegetarian diet?

Vegetarian diet

The short answer to this question is YES, you get enough protein from the vegetarian diet.  Hi there! A constant topic of debate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians is whether the former get enough protein through their diet. We all know that non-vegetarian food such as Read More…

Dos and don’ts for healthy salad recipe

We have established that salads are indeed the wholesome meal, haven’t we? They are packed with health and happiness, which makes them a must in our regular diet. However, if we get the recipe wrong, our healthy bowl could end up being a disaster! To ensure Read More…

How do you define healthy food lifestyle?

Healthy food lifestyle

What’s your favourite food and healthy food lifestyle? What does your regular diet look like? Did you know that these are not merely health-related questions? They are personality questions! Believe it or not, the adage, “You are what you eat” is true. After all, every Read More…

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