Dos and don’ts for healthy salad recipe

We have established that salads are indeed the wholesome meal, haven’t we? They are packed with health and happiness, which makes them a must in our regular diet. However, if we get the recipe wrong, our healthy bowl could end up being a disaster! To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, let’s talk about the dos and don’ts for a healthy salad recipe:

The dos for a healthy salad recipe:

  1. Go 2/3: 2 parts of your salad must have raw vegetables and fruits while 1 part can have healthy fats and lean proteins. When you follow this rule, you will have a delicious bowl of salad that will never let you feel like you are missing something.
  2. Add nuts: Healthy nuts add crunch, flavour, and nutrition to the salad. They up the awesome quotient of your salad quite easily!
  3. Dry your greens before you use them: Of course you will wash your vegetables before you use them for your salad but if you don’t dry them, they will make your entire salad soggy!
  4. Use fresh veggies: Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients and hence always recommended to use fresh!

The don’ts for a healthy salad recipe:

  1. Salad doesn’t mean iceberg lettuce: Many people have the notion that every salad should have iceberg lettuce. Why? Try darker leafy vegetables such as spinach. They will really bring your salad to life.
  2. Don’t add too many toppings: It is easy for our hand to slip a few times when it comes to toppings. Choose them with care. A good combination of ingredients can win the show.
  3. Don’t give your salad a dressing bath: Dressings are supposed to make sure that your salad is balanced with taste, texture, and health. Dressings are like sides. You should never overdo them. Otherwise, the whole purpose of a salad is moot.
  4. You should never choose full-fat: Talking about dressings, let’s make it clear that you should choose them with care and never go full-fat. There are so many options out there! Pick a good low-fat option to bring your salad to life. Avoid mayonnaise!
  5. Don’t add too much cheese: This is another massive recipe for disaster! A little cheese is more than enough. Why make the whole thing just reek of fatty cheese and nothing else?
  6. Don’t add more than 2 tsp. of oil: A “drizzle” of olive oil is all you need!


The don’ts giving you a headache? Too much hard work to make the perfect salad? Why not just leave it to us then? We’ll give you the perfect bowls of salads every day 🙂

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