5 Tips to Eat and Stay Healthy on Vacation

Vacation! Ahh, just saying the word itself evokes visions of relaxing by the pool, drinks and umbrellas, luxury spa’s, beaches and forest, building and cities and so much more.

So we thought since the long weekend is around the corner why not make vacations healthy and fulfilling. We all know travelling is always so much fun, but keeping up with a healthy routine on the go can be so challenging. So, let’s unlock a few easy tips to keep you healthy on a vacation.

*Staying Healthy on a vacation*

How many of you feel you need another vacation right after a vacation?  Haha! Most of us right? This is known as a post-vacation syndrome. Needing a vacation to recover from the first vacation.

What could be the reason, lack of sleep, a hectic travel schedule, eating heavy meals? For most of us Vacations = indulgence, Which turns a vacation into treats after treats after treats, indulging into anything and everything.

1. Plan:

While you are planning the city tours, monuments visits, fun beach trip don’t forget to check and pre plan where and what will you be eating. Finding healthy cafes/ restaurants options near your touristy places could be a bonus. Look it up. If you are on a budget trip shop for some local fruits and veggies.

2. Pack healthy Snack :

Whether your destination is 3hours by car or maybe a long flight journey. Having some healthy, non-perishable snacks can be handy. Avoiding eating all the pre-processed snacks at the airports or gas stations. Replace it with fresh alternatives
Fruits like apples and bananas
Nuts (not salted)
Pre-made Energy Bars
Trail Mix for that extra boost
Nut butters for serving with fresh fruits

Pic credit: Tulsi Raisoni

And of course, don’t forget to always carry water to keep yourself hydrated.

3. Think you are eating at home :

Most of us on vacation forget our regular healthy eating habits. We tend to spend most of the money eating processed foods at overpriced restaurants. If you wouldn’t put that morsel of food in your mouth at home don’t put it in your mouth in some other state, another country. Stick to the plan.

4. Ditch the sugar :

Rules are meant to be followed. But sometimes it is okay to bend them a little as long as you don’t make it a usual routine. Select one day anytime during your trip, start, middle or towards the end. Lay back on the beach and enjoy the treat or have it at the end of your day long of sightseeing. Just remember not to make it a regular routine during your vacation. You should be able to shrug off that temptation and at the same time satiate the cravings.


Especially in the summer months, you can opt for a fresh smoothie for any type of processed dessert, it will give you the needed sugary feeling without any harm.

5. Have a Picnic :

Nothing says vacation like packing up a basket filled with delicious foods and doing a squat on a blanket overlooking a beautiful view. Instead of hitting up a local restaurant, go to a grocery store and have your kids help pick out what they’d like to eat (with your final approval of course). It will be just like eating at home, but in between yummy salads and sandwiches the kids can toss a football game or go for a hike, all while soaking up some vitamin D.

Make the best food choices you can and above all ENJOY YOURSELF!


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