10 surprising benefits of eliminating gluten from your diet

A diet that excludes the protein gluten found in grains like barley, wheat, rye is a gluten free diet. Gluten is important to prepare baked goods, it makes the bread products chewy and elastic.

A gluten-free diet is essential for the ones who have celiac disease and other gluten associated medical conditions. But you don’t have to be diagnosed with medical conditions to reap the benefits of a gluten free diet. It is popular amongst youngsters these days as it helps in improved health, weight loss and increased energy and much more!

Things to Avoid and Add in your Gluten free diet:

Eat :

Beans, peas, legumes, Buckwheat, Cheese, Butter, Flax, Quinoa, Corn, Fruits, Potato, Rice, Yeast, Spices, Seeds, Milk, Vegetables, Vegetable broth, Tapioca, Vegetable & Olive Oil, Yogurts, Vanilla Extract, Nuts, Soy


Avoid :

Gluten free

Barley, Flour Tortillas, Beer, Graham, Ramen, Breaded Foods, Bran, Soy sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Bulgar, Pasta, Cake Flour, Wheat, Rye, Vegetable Starch, Vinegar, Flavouring, Syrups, Extract

In proteins, Gluten is the only element that is indigestible. Hence it is great if you eliminate gluten from your diet. Here are a few advantages & benefits of gluten free diet you didn’t know were true :

  1. Improves Immunity
    Major immune system resides in the gut. A gluten free diet reduces the inflammation of the gut and helps to prevent food poisoning and other oral infections.
  2. Reduces the symptoms of Celiac Disease
    Celiac disease is caused by an excessive immune response to gluten. It causes inflammation in the small intestine and does not let nutrients to soak in. Gluten free diets reduce symptoms significantly and can help offset nutritional deficiencies and overall discomfort.
  3. Reduces Allergy
    Apart from the celiac diseases, people face a lot of outbreaks due to Gluten intolerance. These outbreaks can be cured by anti-itch creams and ointments but it is much better to exclude gluten in the diet to prevent the rashes. Urticaria also known as hives can also be treated if you opt for a gluten free diet.
  4. Improves Fertility
    Difficulties in egg plantation are seen in women with Gluten insensitivities. Disruption in the lining of the womb can be caused by this which increases the risk of spontaneous miscarriages.
  5. Reduces risk of heart strokes and diseases
    Gluten increases the risk of heart strokes and diseases which are caused by inflammation. Excluding gluten from the diet prevents the inflammation and reduced the chances of having cardiovascular disease and strokes.

  6. High Energy
    Eating high quantity of gluten leads to sluggish or lethargic results. Hence cutting down on gluten can lead to high energy.
  7. Autism Management
    Autism is a disorder that affects the mental development in the infants under 2 years of age. Gluten free diet protects the brain from inflammatory markers and reduces the formation of proteinaceous brain plaques that affect the development and causes autism.
  8. Weight Loss
    There is no proven scientific study to prove this but researchers have observed that rodents that were served gluten free diet had increased fat loss compared to the ones on gluten meal

With so many health benefits, one should give gluten free diet a shot and see the difference. Once can benefit from gluten free diet in one or the other way. Try following the gluten free diet for 12 weeks, if you don’t see any difference, switch back to the regular diet.




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